Prism was established in January 2019 to challenge the dominant and toxic national narratives by centering people closest to the problems and amplifying their ideas, experiences, and solutions. Prism is a platform for leaders, writers, and activists who have been underrepresented in national media to share their stories and perspectives, moving us closer to developing an accurate and responsible record of what is happening in our country. Journalists of color make up only 17 percent of all newsrooms. When people of color, and other underrepresented communities, aren't helping to shape the news we read and watch, then our stories simply don’t get told. That's why we created Prism: a new media experience that lifts up the voices, ideas and stories of leaders and activists from under-reported communities. It's time for our media to reflect all of us. As the nonprofit affiliate to Daily Kos, our mission is to make visible the people, places, and issues currently underrepresented in our democracy. By amplifying the voices and leadership of people closest to the problems, Prism tells the stories no one else is telling.