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Prism seeks a dynamic, dedicated individual as its next Publisher/ Executive Director (P/ED). Reporting to the Board of Directors, the P/ ED will be an experienced, visionary, and collaborative leader with a solid background in nonprofit journalism, media, and fundraising who can successfully and passionately represent Prism and advocate for the importance of centering BIPOC voices in national media.

The P/ED will have a background in journalism or media and have a deep understanding of various media formats including new or nontraditional media. The P/ED will have strong knowledge of the local and national media landscape and be well-connected within the media ecosystem. The P/ED must be an experienced fundraiser with existing relationships within media philanthropy and a track record of securing funds from diverse sources, including foundation grants and individual donors. These relationships should extend to media and nonprofits across sectors and the P/ED must be capable of building strong relationships in both.

The P/ED will be the public face and advocate for Prism and confidently speak on and sell Prism’s value proposition to various audiences across a variety of mediums, from TV to radio and podcasts, as well as social media. The P/ED must be able to communicate a strong vision to the Board of Directors, keeping them engaged and informed as well as utilizing them as an asset and resource for Prism.

The P/ED will be responsible for the following three key priorities:

  • Managing and growing our diverse funding strategy through stewarding existing and new major foundation grants and cultivating individual donors to ensure Prism continues to grow and thrive and has a financial plan for success.
  • Must understand how best to package Prism’s work in a variety of ways to engage both media-focused donors and those who work on narrative change across other sectors.
  • Building multiple strong publishing and content generation partnerships with media outlets, especially local and identity-based outlets to cross-publish articles, develop joint reporting, identify emerging freelance talent, and amplify stories of people with direct, lived experiences.
  • Serving as an external spokesperson for Prism, ensuring that the outlet is well represented and has a strong voice, including knowing when another community or staff member may be the most effective spokesperson.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Providing hands-on leadership to a highly engaged, passionate, 10-person editorial and administrative team, with a focus on inspiring and growing individual and team capacity, ensuring the team is able to bring their “whole selves” to the work and maintain a healthy work-life balance, while directly supervising two staff who lead the editorial and finance and operations departments.
  • Encouraging and modeling a culture of transparency, diversity, and inclusiveness, with a focus on Prism’s commitment to building the preeminent platform to tell stories from people who are most impacted by our nation’s systemic problems.
  • Providing strong partnership, collaboration, and leadership to the Board, ensuring open lines of communication, high levels of engagement, and the advancement of Prism’s mission.
  • In partnership with the Board and staff, establishing a clear vision for Prism’s next chapter as well as a road map for this strategic vision.
  • Working in close partnership with the Operations Director and the Board to design and implement fundraising and communications strategies that increase Prism’s visibility and funding.
  • Developing and maintaining strong relationships with other publishers and Executive Directors and ensuring Prism is at the right tables, leading the national conversation about the importance of centering BIPOC voices in the news.
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