Carolyn Copeland

Copy Editor & Staff Reporter

Carolyn Copeland (she/her) is a copy editor and staff reporter at Prism. Carolyn is a passionate journalist and broadcasting professional with more than a decade of diverse experience in print and broadcast media. Some of her written work can be found in the San Francisco Chronicle, HuffPost, Palo Alto Weekly, San Francisco Examiner, Popsugar, and blog sites.

Carolyn spent several years as a news writer for the San Francisco ABC News television affiliate, ABC7. She also produced several political news talk shows for KGO 810AM Radio, where she was responsible for booking high-profile politicians, celebrities, and newsmakers. On the side, she assists podcast hosts in booking guests for their shows.

Carolyn is a self described “news junkie” well-versed in local, state, national, and international news.


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