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Featured Story

Disappearance of Native American teen adds to family tragedy

Angelina Newsom, Prism Guest Writer

Debunking the myths and misinformation about the Green New Deal

The right is using every tool it has to stop a world-saving climate agenda. It’s funneled millions...

Maurice Mitchell

Can’t attend a Women’s March? Here’s what you can do instead

We’re not marching, and we have our reasons.  

Low-level wages and weekend retail work schedules. Single-parent family...

T.M. Spring, Prism Guest Writer

LGBTQ+ issues should be included in sex education curriculum. Here's why.

 Queer people are people too. For years, we have struggled to gain our basic rights: the...

by Joan Westenberg, Prism Guest Writer
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Wisconsin Court of Appeals reverses course on voter purge

Reversing a lower court decision, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals has paused the planned purge...

Anoa Changa

For the Women's March, including Indigenous voices is crucial

Four years ago, Indigenous women came together in prayer at the Women’s March in front of...

 Sarah Eagle Heart, Prism Guest Writer

The National Park Service must break down barriers to increase visitation by people of color

National parks are often hailed as “America’s greatest idea.” They protect nature, conserve history, and serve...

Samantha Hoilett , Prism Guest Writer

When police kill Black and brown people, family members’ deaths reveal heavy toll of injustice

Last week, Yolanda Carr, the mother of 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson, died in the same Fort...

by Tamar Montuma , Prism Guest Writer

How pardoning war criminals puts victims of military sexual assault at risk

President Donald Trump recently pardoned a handful of convicted war criminals against all recommendations...

Angelina Newsom, Prism Guest Writer